Mini Nail Polish : Pack of 12 Different Shades

Mini Nail Polish : Pack of 12 Different Shades

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  • Say goodbye to limited stardom as the Moraze’s long lasting formula enables you to shine far much longer than before.
  • Taking matter into your own hands today? Worry not, our nail lacquer gives you the perfect chip resistance all day every day.
  • We’re all in a rush, aren’t we? Moraze’s quick drying formula gets it done within moments keeping you shine ready almost instantly.
  • All our enamels contain only natural, vegan ingredients that are never tested on any animals ever. We care just as much as you do.
  • Our lacquer’s high pigmentation ensures an intense pay off providing your nails a superior coating every single time.
  • We love the sun but not what it does to your nails though. Our UV Filter protects them from discoloration and yellowing.
  • And all this while you choose from 24 different shades.


No Toxins

Moraze stays strictly away off harmful chemicals such as SLS, paraben, etc. So no itching, rashes or excessive UV permeation.

 UV Filter

Our products protect your nails from UV damage and hence prevent discoloration and yellowing.


All our ingredients are natural and ethically sourced. We don’t hurt bees, bunnies or any other species.

Cruelty Free

Of course we love bunnies as much as you do. At no point in our process do we ever resort to any sort of animal testing.

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