how to fix broken makeup products

how to fix broken makeup products

Put your broken lipstick or eyeshadow palette to good use with these brilliant hacks that help you fix broken makeup products.

We know exactly how painful it is when your best makeup products broken makeup kits, crack, cake and more. The heartbreak is real, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be permanent! If you’re sometimes clumsy, you know exactly how difficult it is to see your favourite eyeshadow palette or your compact powder on the floor. Or if you’ve stayed off makeup completely during this lockdown, you’ve had to face your worst nightmare – dried up makeup.

But don’t frown, diva! You may not know this yet, but there’s a way to breathe new life into your broken makeup products. Surprised, shocked? Don’t be! We’re telling you how to give your damaged makeup products a new lease of life here with these easy-peasy steps.

Makeup Fix 1 - Press your Powders

This is easily one of the biggest problems faced by any makeup junkie. Chances are, if you’ve owned the best eyeshadows or the best compact powders, you’ve seen a palette full of broken powder at least once. This can happen over time or if you’ve clumsily dropped your product. Let’s face it, powders can be a little delicate and need a soft touch. They sometimes come loose even while you’re using it, so beware!

A quick fix to have your powders look as good as new is by using a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Spray or mix some of it onto your powder and use a flat tool (even a spoon or your fingers can do the trick) to smooth it out. Then comes the hard part – waiting a few hours for it to settle. Voila! Eyeshadow and compact, as good as new!

Makeup Fix 2 - Broken Lipstick Bullet

Uh-oh, Your favourite lipstick is breaking apart inside the bullet? Wait, don’t just throw it out already! Here’s some DIY makeup fixing tips to the rescue:

First up, determine if the base of the is lipstick bigger than the piece falling off. Hold a lighter close to the lipstick (not too close that’ll cause harm) and wait till it softens. Use a light hand to press them together. If the lipstick seems to be snapping into half, use the lighter under the tube to heat the whole tube and let it set to firm.

How to fix broken lipstick

Remember, this whole exercise (especially the heating bit) shouldn’t go on for more than 10-odd seconds. Wipe the rough edges off with a tissue gently. To firm up the whole piece, let the tube sit in your freezer or refrigerator for a few hours and it’s as good as new!

Makeup Fix 3 - Refresh Dried-Out Mascara

Yet another heartbreaker. Not everyone uses mascara all the time and hence, the product can become a neglected eye makeup piece that also dries out too easily. Worry not, there’s a rather quick fix for dried out mascaras. Simply dunk the closed bottle in a glass of warm water for about 5 minutes, roll the mascara bottle between your palms and you’re good to go! In extreme cases, use a couple of drops of generic eye drops and give the bottle a nice shake!

Makeup Fix 4 - Get Rid of Dried-Out Makeup

A question that’s on everyone’s mind. Sure, you want your makeup products to last quite long and not dry out, but you also need to know they can’t last forever. First up (also very important) always keep a track of the expiry date of your makeup products. If it’s drying out or breaking around its expiry date, this is a sign you must dispose of your makeup product, ASAP. In case your makeup product is broken after a fall but its container is made of glass, please throw it out right away. Do not try to revive a damaged product with a glass container, since it can cause tears in your skin thanks to glass shards.


And that’s a wrap on fixing broken makeup. Surely, you know how to fix broken eyeliner pencils – just give it a quick sharpen. Don’t just be a makeup maven, also be a makeup resuscitator and breathe life back into your damaged, dried and broken makeup products to keep your favourites with you for longer.

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