how to wear eye makeup makeup behind your face mask

how to wear eye makeup makeup behind your face mask

No matter who you are, or where you’re going, if you’re stepping out and want to doll up a bit, we’re here to show you how it’s done while you wear a mask!

The New Normal is making us rethink and rediscover a lot of traits and habits within ourselves. For the longest time, makeup lovers thought that this pandemic meant it was the end of us wearing our favourite products, as we knew them. The best lipsticks, your favourite eye makeup products, the beautiful face palette you just purchased – all sacrificed for inducting lockdowns and face masks into our lives.

But now, that’s not the case anymore! Be it for Zoom calls (meetings or parties), or your regular once-in-a-while grocery run, more and more women are going back to wearing makeup, even with their masks on! And your eye makeup has never been more important as it is now. Imagine stepping out with your face mask, it’s your eye makeup, your kohl, your eyeliner that will be the focus of all eyes! And this is quite why you must learn a few hacks to make your eyes do all the talking. Because, hey! It’s time to let those eyes shine, as they’re so prominent when you have your mask on. Here are some super easy eye makeup looks to go for when you have to step out wearing a mask.


The simple winged eyeliner look

A really good eyeliner is the absolute best way you can accentuate those beautiful eyes, with or without a face mask! Inducing weak knees in every era, a simple winged eyeliner is a must-know skill in your kitty. And if you’re not a pro at the winged liner, here’s helping you be one.

Start by making 3 dots with your liner – at the outer edge, depending on the length you want for you wing, one on the centre of your lid, and one on the inner corner of your eye. Join the 3 dots one by one and you’re done! Or simply make an outline on your lids first and then draw on the wings. You can also use a visiting card, angled across the edge of your eye, to drawn on a sharp wing, too! Don’t forget to add loads of mascara to complete your beautiful winged eyeliner look, and accentuate those eyes!

The awesome smudged-out kajal look

Nothing says sultry and beautiful like smudged-out kajal eyes. Perfect for stepping out in style with your face mask on, the smudged-out kajal look is sure to make heads turn, no matter where you are. You can work this look out, just for your bottom lash line or for both upper and lower lash lines. All you have to is line your bottom and/or upper lash lines with kajal and use your clean fingertip or a brush to smudge the lines/line out. Once you’re done, take the kajal again, and go over your lash lines – keep them super thin, and you’re done! Of course, heaps of mascara will add to and complete the look.

eye makeup

Colourful eye makeup look

We know, being home or having a very serious looking face mask on has been rather dull. And we do love colour in our lives, don’t we? Well, the good news is that colourful makeup looks are so easily achieved for your eye makeup! If you love colour or feel like adding some to your eyes, here’s what you can do, all while flaunting a face mask!

You can keep your look simple by drawing on your lids a colourful eyeliner and adding a coloured mascara to go with it. Next, you could do the above and then add the colour with a pencil to your lower lash line too, to make it look like a proper party!

If you don’t have a colourful eye pencil, you can simply use your eyeshadow palette! And once you’ve embraced using your eyeshadow palette to try out a colourful eye makeup look, it’ll open up a whole new world for you! Don’t think twice if you want to use your eyeshadow palette to create a full blown look, as well. Experiment with colours, a smokey eye look, a watercolour eyelid, mismatched eyeshadow look, and more!

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So, there you go, love! Those were three awesome ways to have fun with your eye makeup when you have to step out wearing a face mask. But there’s no stopping you from using these steps to up your eye makeup game during Zoom calls for work, parties, or even if you just want to give yourself a lovely treat while chilling at home! Oh and don’t forget to set and fill in your eyebrows to add to the oomph of your look!

Finally, a piece of advice from one makeup lover to another: never, ever feel that there’s no point in wearing makeup when you have to wear a mask. If you want to wear it, you absolutely must! Until next time…

Stay safe. Stay fabulous!

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