Glow on the go basic makeup tips for glowing skin

Glow on the go basic makeup tips for glowing skin

If given an option, each of us would want skin that looks radiant. Having glowing skin can instantly make heads turn no matter where you are. For the same reason, we find ourselves splurging on multiple skin-care products to help brighten our complexions and have it appear more naturally radiant. However, when that doesn’t help, the best way to achieve or create an appearance of glowing skin is by opting for makeup. And we absolutely agree with the fact that certain skincare products do help us brighten our skin. But when that’s not showing any results, you can also use makeup to add a touch of radiance to your complexion. And it’s not just us who use makeup to achieve a glowing complexion, famous makeup artists and celebrities alike do find it super helpful. 

So, if you like the idea of using makeup for glowing skin but not sure how exactly, don’t worry! Continue reading for our best makeup tips suggestions that you can look at to help create the appearance of glowing skin. 

Add the following tips into your daily routine to boost your glow.

 Try a glow-enhancing moisturizer

One of the quickest ways to achieve the appearance of glowing skin is by reaching for a moisturizer that nourishes, hydrates and adds a dash of radiance for an all-over fresh glow it gives your face the perfect glow owing to its vitamin E and shea butter enriched formula infused with iridescent particles. Wear it alone or apply it as a base under makeup. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, is transfer-proof and non-sticky, thus acting as the perfect way to achieve that instant glow without any hassle. You can mix it with your foundation for a more natural glow too!

 Mix highlighter with your foundation

If you ever thought getting your glow on is impossible, think again! Presenting glow-boosting that is the ideal to blend with your existing foundations for a more nature glow. Apply alone or mix a drop or two into your foundation. What makes this water-based highlighter special is that it comes in three different shades, is intensely pigmented, buildable, long-lasting and water-resistant! It’ll blend in easily with your liquid foundations, thus leaving behind a super natural glow that’ll have you peeking into every mirror you come across.

Apply multiple highlighters

If you thought applying a single layer of highlighter was better, then you haven’t tried applying multiple, because we’re obsessed with this trick! Firstly, there is no reason why you need to stick to using a single highlighter per look. Try applying multiple or mixing two together for a glow that’s all unique. To achieve at giving you an instant shine to amp up your overall makeup look. Both of these face makeup products are super easy to use, even if you’re just starting out your makeup journey.

Apply your favorite shade(s) onto the high points of your face, cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and lastly, the inner corners of your eyes. You can use the highlighter palette shades as base and layer over the highlighter stick hues for more definition and shine. It’s that simple!

Setting mist to the rescue!

We absolutely understand the days when you want to amp up your radiant look, but for some reason, you can’t do so. For such days, when you feel even the most radiant or shimmery makeup products aren’t making the cut, all you need to do is use a bit of water! You don’t have to mix water with your products (in fact, never do that, even when it comes to powder highlighters or bronzers as it’ll lead to a clumpy paste that’s an absolute NO-NO). What you need to do here is, spritz the makeup brush, you use to highlight, with some water, until it is damp before you can dip it into a powder highlighter. 

This can help you achieve a more dramatic, chrome-like version of itself. Apply as required, then glow to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for powder highlighter.

Don’t forget to highlight your body

We hope you know that your face isn’t the only place that deserves some shimmer and shine. Your body also craves to glow and we know exactly how you can achieve that. Using your powder brush, dip it into a loose highlighter powder and lightly brush it onto your collarbones and neck. If you have a habit of applying foundation around your collarbone area as well, then you can use the trick of adding some highlighter to your foundation, making it look more naturally radiant. Try highlighting your body especially when you wear a scoop neck top or dress and you’ll have a look that’s bound to stand out.

Now that we’ve told you how you can achieve the appearance of glowing skin using makeup, we want to help you achieve a natural radiant makeup look. Put some of the above tips to use by following the steps below for a glowy makeup look that’s fit for summer!


So, there you have it! Ain’t it easy to have glow skin using makeup. Do try creating stunning looks using our tips and let us know how much you love them.

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