Beauty Benefits Of Neem Oil For Skin And Hair

Beauty Benefits Of Neem Oil For Skin And Hair

No matter the concern, the age-old team neem has you covered for everything. Read to know how!

As Indians, we are not new to the benefits of neem. Right from the leaves to the stem to the bark and more, this one is super useful and deserves to be titled as ‘nature’s drug store’. Not only India but the importance of neem has been recognized around the world now. The scientific name for neem is Azadirachta Indica and neem oil is also widely known as Margosa oil. It is found in the Indian subcontinent – majorly India and Sri Lanka and is much used for all kinds of remedies. With superfoods and essential oils taking the front-row seat in the beauty game around the world, neem’s efforts have not gone unidentified. Neem oil is taking the world by storm for its beauty tips benefits and there’s no denying the fact that it works every time. So what exactly is making this ancient oil resurface? Let’s find out. 

What is Neem Oil?

It is an oil extracted from neem fruits and seeds and the colour and the form of the oil depends on the method of extraction. For most part it is yellowish brown. Apart from India and Sri Lanka, it is now found in few other places including Australia and the African subcontinent, thanks to Indian immigrants who took it along when they decided to settle there. Neem oil is a great source of vitamins, mineral and fatty acids and hence proves beauty benefits for healthy skin and hair. 

Benefits of Neem Oil for Skin:

There are so many neem-related beauty benefits products in the market and for all the right reasons. Time and again people have known the assistance it provides in making your skin better and hence it is one of the most relied-on natural ingredients for skin and hair. Let’s read some of its beauty benefits for skin.

Helps combat acne

Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, neem oil is super helpful in getting rid of acne. It’s a useful ingredient in repairing acne-prone skin and can be easily done at home at your convenience. You can either do spot treatment or apply it all over your face. Mix neem oil with water or other oils like jojoba or even simple coconut oil works. Azadirachtin and nimbolide found in neem oil also proves beneficial of beauty tips in taking care of acne scars and hyperpigmentation and repairs skin cells. It slows down the production of melanin and gets back your skin to its original rejuvenated state. This is also all in all a great home-remedy for oily skin and should be given a try if you’re facing these issues. 

Takes care of skin irritation

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, neem oil will help you keep your skin irritation free at all times. It has anti-inflammatory properties, quite high content of fatty acids and glycerides and hence is perfect to treat irritability and itchiness of the skin. It will calm your skin and protect the outer layer to keep it moisturized and healthy. Folks with dry skin can beauty benefit plenty with this, for irritation and redness is a concern for most people with dry skin. Make sure you add neem oil to your skincare routine!

Reduces blemishes

Given that neem oil treats acne, it also easily gets rid of blemishes. It not only does that but also takes care of the scars and dark spots left after if any. Due to high Vitamin E content, it benefits your skin immensely in treating spots and gives you a spotless, glowing skin. It’s highly potent so slightly dab it onto the places you want to treat using a cotton ball and soak it up for about 20 minutes. You can wash off the oil with warm water. 

Fights signs of ageing

Neem oil stimulates the production of collagen that in return slows down the ageing process hence it works perfect as a substitute for anti-ageing products. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face, giving you a younger-looking skin at all times. With this, carotenoids found in neem oil helps in taking care of the free radicals that cause ageing in the first place.

Removes blackheads

With repairing acne and treating blemishes, neem oil is super useful to remove blackheads. If you use it regularly, they won’t reappear even. So make sure you mix your neem oil and dilute it a bit before you use it on your blackheads often.

Moisturizes skin

The essential fatty acids and vitamin E present in neem oil is a superb agent in nourishing your skin. It quickly penetrates the outer layers of skin and it heals dry and damaged skin. It restores the moisture, giving you a supple, healthy looking skin at all times. If you’re looking to have more of a natural skincare routine, neem oil is a must-have.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair:

Like skin, neem oil is extremely beneficial for your hair as well. Whether you’re battling a certain hair concern or looking to get long, beautiful locks, this oil will help you immensely. Add neem oil in your hair care routine and be ready to flaunt thick, beautiful hair.

Encourages hair growth

One of the most important uses of neem oil for hair is that it helps in strengthening your hair follicles and results in reducing hair fall. It regularizes circulation and helps in improving hair growth. Neem oil is one of the most age-old remedies for hair fall and it’s time you go for this if you’re facing similar issues.

Treats dandruff

So many people have been struggling with this issue and what better than a natural remedy to get rid of the unwanted dandruff and itchy scalp! Due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, neem oil has mastered the art of getting rid of dandruff. It reduces itching in the scalp, dryness that eventually leads to dandruff and any other irritation that might be the concern. Massage your scalp and oil your hair with neem oil regularly and then wash it off to keep dandruff at bay.

Removes split ends and frizzy hair

Neem oil helps in moisturizing not just your skin, but also your hair. Entertaining split ends mean stunting your hair growth and resulting in rough, frizzy hair. Make the most of neem oil to not let this happen or if it has to repair your hair and get rid of these concerns. Oil them from the roots and massage to make sure you have healthy hair.

Prevents premature greying

The antioxidants in neem oil help in prevention of premature greying of hair that might happen due to stress, sun damage or so. You can make a hair pack and apply it 10 mins before washing your hair. So make sure you’re watching out your hair health and have added neem oil to your hair care routine.

What to look out for when using Neem Oil

Make sure you are buying pure neem oil or you can even extract it at home. The purer it is, the more results it will give. With this, always mix it with water or other oils when using. You can go for spot treatments or apply it all over depending on your concern. If you have any allergies, be sure you can use the oil before directly applying it.

To conclude, this super natural oil has been giving results for naturally beautiful hair and skin for centuries and it’s about time you include it in your skincare routine if you haven’t already.

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