How to Apply Eyeliner Kajal in less than 5 minutes

How to Apply Eyeliner Kajal in less than 5 minutes

Applying kajal can be a quick and easy way to add some definition and drama to your eyes. Here are some simple steps to help you apply kajal in less than 5 minutes:

1. Prep your eyes: Before applying kajal, Start by washing your face and drying it with a clean towel. Then, if you have oily eyelids, apply a small amount of translucent powder or primer to your eyelids to help your kajal last longer.

2. Moraze Forever 18 Eyeliner Kajal: - Moraze Aphrodite Forever 18 Kajal eyeliner which is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, non-toxic, waterproof formula that gives an intense black look.
Reasons to use:
✨Dual purpose kajal pencil which can be applied to the waterline and upper lid.
✨Waterproof, smudge proof, transfer resistance formula.
✨Free from paraben, contains mineral oil and vegan formula.
✨Our kajal contains only vegan ingredients.

3.Start at the outer corner: Begin by applying the kajal at the outer corner of your eye, near your lash line. Use short, light strokes to create a thin line.

4.Work your way in: As you move towards the inner corner of your eye, you can gradually make the line thicker if you want a more dramatic look.apply the kajal pencil to your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner of your eye and moving outwards. This will help define your eyes and make them look more dramatic. Again, you can make the line as thick or thin as you want.

5.Smudge if desired:If you want a more smudged, smokey look, you can use a smudging brush or a cotton swab to gently blend the kajal on your upper lash line. This will create a softer, more natural look.

6.Apply to lower lash line: For a more dramatic look, you can also apply kajal to your lower lash line. Use the same technique, starting at the outer corner and working your way in.
- With these simple steps, you can apply Moraze Forever 18 Eyeliner kajal in less than 5 minutes and create a beautiful, eye-catching look that will last all day.
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