How to use a makeup sponge correctly

How to use a makeup sponge correctly

This wonder fashion will have your makeup feel smooth and uniform, and your skin look picture perfect

Versatile, easy-to-use, and universally loved – beauty blenders or makeup sponges hold a place of pride in the kits of makeup professionals and newbies alike. And for good reason! These foam applicators are a pure gift when it comes to applying your makeup sponge correctly, without worrying about the excess product on your face.

From the best liquid foundation to your BB Cream, creamy concealers, and more, this egg-shaped makeup tool can help with application and blending, easily. Not to forget, you how to use correctly your beauty blender or makeup sponge to even ensure a smooth application of skincare products like moisturizers too!

But for those of us who have grown up using makeup brushes, and have thought them to be the whole and sole of makeup application products, how do you use a makeup sponge out of nowhere? This may have led a lot of us makeup aficionados how to use the sponge incorrectly – read: not prepping it properly, or not cleaning it correctly. So let us tell you, how it’s done! Read on:

Prepping your beauty blender

Anyone used to applying makeup on with a brush would be more concerned about the product than how they’re applying it. But beauty blenders or makeup sponges aren’t brushes, and need some amount of preparation before you use them.

 A cardinal rule of using a foam sponge: always wet it before use. Never use a dry sponge to apply makeup since it can lead to patchy application.

 Run your blender underwater and then squeeze the excess out. This move will especially help with athe pplication of foundation keeping it smooth and uniform on your face. A dewy finish is a bonus!

Use dabbing motions with the sponge

Many of us have made this mistake while first starting out using a makeup sponge. Thanks to its texture, a lot of users instinctively use sweeping motions to try and blend their base makeup. Wrong! Use a dabbing motion to blend your foundation or your moisturizers and BB creams into your skin with the blender. 

Since it is made of sponge, dabbing motions will allow the makeup to properly set on your face. Sweeping or wiping can have the exact opposite effect and wipe the makeup off your face, leading to a patchy finish. Don’t forget, less is more when it comes to the sponge, so don’t go overboard with the products either!

Use a beauty blender to prepare your skin for makeup

Yep, you read this right. Did you think a beauty blender or a makeup sponge can only be used for your foundation? A lot of makeup artists have taken to using the beauty blender to start the applicationthethe makeup process. 

Since it allows for products to be applied smoothly on your skin, spreading across every inch of your face uniformly, you too can start your process of makeup by dabbing in serum or moisturizer on your skin using the blender first. Don’t forget to clean your sponge before applying the next layer of makeup!

Use the beauty blender’s side well

Now, for those of you who don’t exactly know what the makeup sponge looks like, they come in many shapes and sizes. However, the most popular variant is an egg-shaped sponge these days, and we’ll tell you why. 

The shape isn’t just meant for a good grip, the sharp-looking tip and sides can be used to blend in makeup in problem areas such as the side of your nose, eyelids, upper lip, and more! You can use every side of the beauty blender well to ensure the makeup on your face remains uniform! Isn’t that wonderful?

Keep your beauty blender clean

Unlike a few years ago, most beauty blenders and makeup sponges are now reusable, meaning you do not have to discard them after every use. While that makes it economical and smarter to use, it also means you need to take extra care of it. 

First up, not cleaning your blenders can lead to germs festering on them, which you may inadvertently end up rubbing onto your face.

 Second, to ensure a longer life for your blender, you must use soft soap water to clean it. Keep away from harsh chemicals or alcohol-based cleaners. Air dry your sponge before use, or that will lead to more bacteria! Finally, replace your sponge every three months for healthy skin!


So there you have it! Beauty blenders or makeup sponges are miracle products and can be used so well if you’re not necessarily a fan of applying makeup using your fingers alone.

 It gives you better coverage, uniform application, and non-patchy skin! Oh, and it can practically replace every brush in your kit. So, go on and invest in one, and take your makeup skills a notch higher!

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