How to Prevent your Nail Polish From Chipping Too Soon

How to Prevent your Nail Polish From Chipping Too Soon

You might be the most restless soul on the planet, but you gotta show the patience of a saint while painting nails because if you aren’t paying attention, the pretty-looking polish can chip, nick, crack, and peel away within a few hours – and that would be so disappointing, right?! In this post, we list down some easy tips on how to prevent your nail polish from chipping too soon. Read on

1. Buff the Nail Bed: There are multiple benefits of buffing the nail bed – it stimulates blood circulation, stimulates nail growth, and gets rid of dry and ridges on the nails and helps with smooth application of nail polish so that the polish would last much longer.
2. Apply nail polish remover to dry out natural oils: The natural oils and other particles on the nails can prevent nail polishing from adhering correctly on to the nail bed and that’s why quickly swiping a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover before application helps to prolong the life of polish.
3. Apply Base Coat: Have we talked about how you should not skip a base coat before applying polish because it helps to fill in the ridges and helps with smoother application.
4. Avoid Applying Too Much Polish in one Go: Avoid applying beads of paint at one go on the nails because not only would it make the whole look messy, the nail paint would be more prone to chipping.
5. Do Not Miss the Top Coat: By including the top coat, you can add more shine and lustre to the nails, and also prolong the wear of the paint as well.
6. Avoid Exposure to Harsh Detergents: The chemicals in the detergents can cause chipping of nails too soon. Also, avoid dipping the fingers in scaling hot water.
7. Apply Thin Coats: When applied thickly, there are more chances of the polish peeling away quickly. Apply thin coats, and make sure you don’t get them on to the cuticles.
8. Do not Shake, Just Roll: Most importantly, do not shake the paint bottle vigorously, just roll it between the hands to prevent air bubbles from forming and getting trapped along with the paint, leading to cracks once the layers dry.
9. Wait for 10 minutes between each coat: No one stops at just one coat, we all need two to three coats to get an opaque layer, but do wait for 10 minutes between each coat so as to not make the polish look messy.
10. Allow the Polish to Dry Properly: As soon as we paint the nails neatly, we remember important chores to be done right at that moment – from opening the refrigerator to look for snacks to cuddling up to the pet! Wait for at least 20 minutes for the nail paints to dry properly, then dip them in cold water, and now you can get back to the routine.

Hope these tips would help you flaunt beautiful nails!

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