How to make your face look slimmer

How to make your face look slimmer

Worried about your face looking heavier than it is? Here’s a list of simple makeup, beauty, and hairstyle hacks for the perfect illusion to make your face look slimmer from neck up.

We just can’t deny that contouring does a great job at creating the falls makes illusion of slimmer face as it adds definition in all the right spots. A shade deeper than your skin tone works the best when applied along your hairline, under the cheekbones and sides of the nose to give you an absolute sensation of a look but you’ve got to check out more ways to turn to when you’re just not in the mood to contour. Here you go!

Fill those brows

Over-tweezed brows are a major no if you want your face to look thinner. Thicker and fuller brows slim your face, attracting attention and compliments is a bonus!

Add pop to eyes

A little highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes along with a black swipe of eyeliner on the upper lash line creates stunning drama. A cat-eye is perfect to make your face makeup makeup look leaner, as the sharp wings draw focus, amping up your overall look.

Blush back!

Simply dust different shades of blush and thank us later? A bright, cream blush on the apple of the cheekbones and a slightly deeper shade under the cheekbones will do the trick.

Say yes to volume

Hair that fall flat on the head make your face appear bigger To salvage this, slightly tease your hair at the top and crown, letting the rest fall smoothly. This adds volume and is perfect for a sleeker look. High ponytails also smoothen and narrow any round features from the face by creating extra height at the crown.

Voila! These cosmetics tips and tricks will help you step out in style with a more defined face and stunning personality and look slimmer face.


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