How to get perfect winged eyeliner in 5 simple steps

How to get perfect winged eyeliner in 5 simple steps

It’s time to get a little catty

It’s the makeup trend that never dies and only ages like fine wine. And honestly, we totally get it. Winged eyeliner can instantly elevate any makeup look or steal the show on its own. It adds drama to every makeup look, makes your eyes look prominent and can be worn in so many different ways. Most of all, it compliments almost every single makeup look. If you’re someone who struggles with this gorgeous eyeliner style and always on the hunt for ways to perfect it, here are 5 steps to follow if you want to ace that wing, every single time!

Have the Right Tools

Your tools and application matter just as much as the products you’re using. Invest in a nice angled eyeliner brush. For sharp wings and better precision, look for angled brushes that are thin. Angled eyeliner brushes make the process easier than you can imagine. If you’re confused, spend some times reading reviews and watching beauty YouTubers and take time to understand which brush would be best for you.

Choose the Right Eyeliner

Pick an eyeliner formulation and colour of your choice. Eye pencils and kajals  are the easiest to work with. They’re creamy and mess-free. But if the tip of the pencil is blunt, you’ll end up drawing thicker lines than anticipated. Following eye pencils are gel eyeliners and then liquid eyeliners. Similar to pencil liners, gel eyeliners are creamy but can get messy if you accidentally pick too much product on your brush. Liquid eyeliners are the toughest to work with. One wrong move and they can smear and give you raccoon eyes. But, once you master liquid eyeliner application, there’s nothing like it.  

Get Started With Your Wing

Dip your brush in your eyeliner and pick the adequate amount. Make sure you don’t get too much on your brush or it will get everywhere. Once you’ve loaded the brush with eyeliner, gently wipe the brush on the back of your palm to get rid of the excess product and make your brush thinner for a crisp line. Start by drawing an angular line from the end of your eye, towards the end of your eyebrow. Keep the line at about 20-30 degrees. Try to get the same angle on the other eye and try to keep these as short as possible. Always remember, it’s easy to add but a pain to remove.

Build and Fill

Dip your brush in the liner again and start bringing the liner inwards. Starting from the outer corners, pull the line towards the middle and create a triangle on the outer corners. Fill in that triangle and add more if you wish to make the wing thicker or longer. If you wish to bring the winged eyeliner all the way to your inner corner, keep the liner thicker on the outer portion.

Clean Up

As mentioned above, it’s wise to start small and build as you go because it’s easier to add than to take away. But if you end up making your winged eyeliner thicker or bigger than you wanted, you can fix it by using some makeup remover on a Q-tip or tiny eyeliner brush. Just dip it in makeup remover and clean away your mistakes! Ensure the Q-tip or brush is not drenched in makeup remover but has enough product to clean up.


Now you’re all set. Are you ready to rock a fierce cat eye?

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