How To Declutter Your Makeup: 5 essential Tips

How To Declutter Your Makeup: 5 essential Tips

Piles and piles of products hoarded in your makeup box and some you haven’t even used in ages? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get essential tips that sorted once and for all, ladies!

With the Japanese consultant, Marie Kondo and the Netflix show – ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo ‘being all the rage in recent quarantine times, decluttering has almost become a habit for most of us. here is some essential tips 

While that is true about our house and life in general, do not forget to declutter and re-organize your makeup stash every once in a while. Hoarding old, unnecessary items can simply lead to a lot of confusion and sometimes even skin issues. So let’s work on getting ourselves not just a clutter-free home but also a clutter-free makeup kit! Are you ready for this?

Find out how to declutter your makeup and organize it by using these tips: 

Pile Up All of Them

To declutter your makeup, it’s important to know what all you have. Get all your makeup kits, clean up your drawers, check your purses and make sure you have assembled all of them. It might seem like a task, but don’t worry, once you have this sorted, 

other things will be easier. The point is that it’s the starting point that is usually the toughest and most time-consuming and once you’re past that, everything else is a cakewalk. How to Declutter and Organize your Makeup Stash1

Only Keep the Essentials

A lot of us have hoarded multiple makeup products that we either picked up impulsively or bought because of the availability. Sometimes we also keep items that were gifted to us, but we haven’t really touched them. 

The best thing to do is, get rid of the unnecessary ones and only keep what’s essential tips. If you routinely find your kits overflowing and have more than 2-3 variants in each of your travel kit, work kit, and home makeup kits, you must find it in you to clear your boxes up, so products you use regularly get space to breathe. Know what’s necessary and only keep that!How to Declutter and Organize your Makeup Stash 2

Expired Items? Kick ‘Em Out

This one’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? You probably still cling on to that neon lipstick shade that was all the vogue half a decade ago, or that eyeshadow palette that you used on that special first date eons ago for sentimental value. Please understand that using makeup products past their expiry dates is a strict no-no.

 A lot of people try to circumvent this rule saying they’ve taken good care of the product and it won’t harm you. But expired products are playing grounds for bacteria, which can cause skin infections if used.

 Do not use any expired products on your skin. Another place where people try to skirt this rule is with nail polishes. Please throw those out.How to Declutter and Organize your Makeup Stash 3

Have a Minimalistic Approach

The idea is to not be overburdened with multiple palettes, different shades of foundation and concealers, and specialist products you’ll only ever use once in a while. Find your perfect skin makeup product shades and stick to them on a regular basis.

 Make sure your kit consists of at least one of each product, and don’t splurge on or hoard brushes. You can also stash multipurpose products and keep them minimal.

Repeat Now and Then

Now that you have your clutter cleared, it is important to repeat this now and then. You can plan a monthly clean-up and be assured that you will have fashion-clutter-free makeup. You can also clean your makeup – your brushes and sponges during this routine to add extra satisfaction cosmetics to your cleaning and organizing routine.

There you go! You are now all set to be clutter-free and wise at organizing regularly consuming your makeup. Got more tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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