How to De-tan Skin Using Mangoes

How to De-tan Skin Using Mangoes

Mangoes contain Vitamin C as their main constituent, which is known as an excellent ingredient for lightening the skin and evening out pigmented complexion. The polyphenols present in mangoes help to reverse de-tan damage. Vitamin A and beta-carotene help to nourish and repair damaged skin. Studies have also reported that mango extracts can protect against ultraviolet rays. It also contains antioxidants that help to treat tanned skin. Mangoes add a healthy glow to the skin while combating skin pigmentation. They also provide abundant moisture to dry and blemished skin as they contain a high percentage of water. Additionally, mangoes also contain exfoliating properties that help to renew tanned skin. This is why many skincare products contain mango extracts.

Common staple ingredients from the kitchen such as curd, besan, and honey can be used for making the following packs. Here are a few ways that mangoes can be incorporated into the skincare and bodycare routine for removing tan from the skin:

1. Mango Pulp Pack

The easiest and simplest way to reap the detanning benefits of mangoes is to apply it directly to the face. Simply take a ripe mango and chop it into pieces. Deposit half of the chopped fruit into a bowl and mash the pieces with a fork to achieve a thick but creamy consistency. Keep the rest of the pieces later for a snack. Apply a thin layer of the mashed mango pulp to the face. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Repeat this mask three times a week till the tan subsides.

2. Mango Besan Pack

Mangoes work great in conjunction with other ingredients, and besan or gram flour is a popular one used during the summer season. For this pack, again take half a mango and mash it till it becomes soft. Add one teaspoon of gram flour to this and mix well. Add a splash of honey for added lightening and moisturizing benefits. Combine the ingredients well and apply to cleansed face. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes and gently remove the mask with lukewarm water. In addition to the benefits of the mango, gram flour will help to lighten the skin and remove tan naturally. This pack makes for strong tan removal.

3. Multani Mitti Mango Pack

Similar to the besan and mango pack, simply take half a mashed potato and add one teaspoon of multani mitti or fullers earth. Mix to combine well and apply on clean skin. Rinse off after ten to fifteen minutes or when the mask almost dries completely. The added benefit of the multani mitti is that it will help to unclog pores and minimize their appearance.


4. Mango Curd Pack

Chopped mangoes taste really good with a bowl of cold Greek yogurt or curd. But did you know you can apply that to your face as well? Simply combine both ingredients in equal proportions and apply to dry and clean skin. The curd adds a refreshing twist to the pack and benefits oily skin. An extra dash of honey will also help in skin lightening.

So, the next time when you eat a mango, think about the different kinds of masks that you can make with it to remove tan from your skin.

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