how to apply eyeshadow like a pro

how to apply eyeshadow like a pro

Figuring out which shades of eyeshadow to use, how much to use and how to apply? Here’s a step-by-step guide to make applying eye makeup easier for you.

If you ask me or any makeup junkie for that matter, what is the best way to add a pop of colour to your overall makeup look? The answer is going to be – eye shadow! Dressing up your eyes with different eye shadow colours is the most fun way to brighten up subtle makeup looks.

And truth be told, we’ve all gone gaga over stunning eye makeup looks we’ve seen models or famous celebrities flaunt. Moreover, the number of times we’ve wanted that gorgeous colour on our lids is numerous. So, if you’re a sucker for those bold & bright eyelids but have trouble applying the same, here are a few steps that’ll help you ace this how-to.

How to apply eye shadow like a pro

STEP 1: Learn Eye Makeup Terminology

Before you can start prepping your base, it is important to understand the terminology used for explaining different parts of the eye. Knowing this will help you learn these makeup steps quicker and make your eye makeup application process simpler.

STEP 2: Prep Up Your Base!

Just like you would prime your skin before applying concealer or foundation, similarly, priming your eyes before you apply eyeshadow is absolutely vital. An eyelid primer lends a smooth base for your eyeshadow, removes discolouration, enhances the intensity of the colours and extends your makeup longevity. Moreover, it’s an absolute must if you have oily lids. And if you find yourself without an eyelid primer, you can always use a concealer as a base.

STEP 3: Choose Your Finish

Next up, choose an eyeshadow palette of your choice and start setting your base (Pro Tip: you can go for shades closer to your skin tone to keep it natural). Choose from different eyeshadow finishes i.e. shimmer, satin, glitter, etc. depending on what look you’re aiming. Once chosen, start by gently applying the colour on the eyelid with a flat eye shadow brush in a sweeping or patting motion. Apply from the centre and sweep it towards both inner & outer corners evenly.

How to apply eye shadow like a pro

STEP 4: It’s All About The Crease

Once you’re done building the base, grab a medium shade and sweep it on the crease, right where your eyelid meets the brow bone. Blend it well and add more impact towards the outer corner of the crease. Remember to use darker shades at the crease to define the eye shape and lighter ones at the centre to give it a colour pop. Also, if you want to highlight your brow bone, we suggest you go for the lighter shades & blend softly.

How to apply eye shadow like a pro

STEP 5: Blend it!

Once done, follow the previous step by dabbing a deeper shade on the outer corner of the lid and using a blending brush, blend the colour on the outer corner of the lid and the crease to achieve an eye look that’s a stunner.

STEP 6: Wrap Up Your Masterpiece

To finish, add some eyeliner to your lash line or a medium eyeshadow on your lower lash line for more drama. You can complete your look by adding a lighter shade of eyeshadow or a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye for an edgy feel. Lastly, take out your mascara and accentuate your lashes as no eye makeup is complete without dramatic lashes!

We’re absolutely sure that following this simple how-to apply eyeshadow steps will have you acing any eyeshadow look in no time. Moreover, acing the eyeshadow game perfectly comes with a little time & patience. So, to help make it easier, here are some quick tips to follow while applying your eyeshadow!

  • Always complete doing your eye makeup first and then move on to your face makeup.  Doing this can help prevent fallout of eyeshadow under or around the eyes. And in case it happens it will be easy to clean it up without smudging your base makeup.
  • If you want to achieve a defined crease area, use a pencil brush first and then follow by blending it with a fluffy brush.
  • If you’re blessed with hooded eyes, it would be best if you apply eye makeup with your eyes open rather than closed so that the crease colour is visible & bold.
  • To avoid fallout of eyeshadow, powder the area under your eyes with translucent powder before you begin so that once you’re done applying eye makeup, you would be able to sweep the powder off easily.
  • Invest in a good eye primer as it will instantly boost your eye makeup and make your eyeshadow last a long time.
  • Always, always use clean brushes while applying eye shadow as it leads to better transition of colours.

Now that you’ve taken a look at these easy steps and tips about applying eyeshadow, we hope you come up with stunning eye makeup looks that’ll have everyone go crazy!

Until then, make those eyes pop, sweetheart.

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