Hot makeup trends to try out this party season

Hot makeup trends to try out this party season

Your hunt for the perfect festival makeup ends here!

The festive season is closer than it appears. We’ve all had days when we’ve sat in front of our makeup, overwhelmed and unable to decide what look to go for. But with Christmas and other grand celebrations ahead, you have ample opportunities to glam up this PARTY SEASON! 

It’s the perfect time to experiment with bold lipsticks, recreate a celebrity’s makeup look you’ve always admired, and most of all, try your hand at looks you’ve never done before! From statement lips to that metallic shine; from minimalistic nude to a timeless 60’s vintage makeup – here are a few trends that will get you inspired to glam up this party season!

Nude Everything

For the ones who aren’t a big fan of bold or heavy makeup, this one’s for you. Nude makeup consists of earthy shades that accentuate your features and give you an effortless yet put-together look. Pick metallic or matte nude colors for your eyes and nude lipstick to go with it. A minimalistic look that works for every occasion!Makeup looks for party season1

Go Vintage!

Who said you can either go bold on the eyes or the lips? We say go all in with both! Like Iris Apfel once said, “more is more and less is a bore”.

 So, don’t pick just one! Go ahead and pair a smokey eye with a bold lip. You can either play around with color or go monochromatic with warm tones, deep plums, or browns. The decision is yours to make!Makeup looks for party season2

How About Some Metal?

The easiest way to make you stand out is by adding an intense glow to your makeup. Metallic makeup and eyeshadows are all the rage these days. Try adding a vivid, pearly eyeshadow in your inner corners to make your eyes stand out. 

You can do this with a full glam eyeshadow look or no makeup at all. It works just as wonderfully and ensures your eyes look bigger, wider, and prominent. For the best pigmentation, try using an eyeshadow stick.Makeup looks for party season3

Rust for Life

After the frosty 2000s, we’ve got the rusted, smokey eyeshadow trend. What initially went viral because of supermodel Stella Maxwell soon became a model clan staple. You can try this trend with your favorite red lipstick. Use it all over your eyelids as a red eyeshadow and blend out the edges for a diffused look. 

You can also use it as an eyeshadow base to let the rust tones peak a little, just the right amount. And if you’re a 1-shadow-and-go person, try going for aed,cosmetics metallic lipstick. It catches the light and adds a punch of color – best of both worlds!Makeup looks for party season4

Pucker Up!

Trends change but a classic, bold lip never goes out of style. It’s that constant in the makeup world that greets hello and farewell to all the other makeup trends. Unleash your bubbly side with a bright red, coral, or pink lipstick this fashion party season. If the cold weather got you feeling vampy, try going for deep aubergines or chocolate browns to make your statement pout the talk of the town!Makeup looks for party season5

Pop on the Bottom

A dash of color along the bottom lash line has been a hit in the makeup universe for quite a while and it’s still going strong! Switch up your eyeshadow look with a poppy shade on your bottom lash line. Shades like blue, purple, green are widely loved and add a fun element to your entire makeup! Pick your favorite beauty vibrant shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner and smudge it across your bottom lash line for this colorful look.Makeup looks for party season6

Try out these super easy and beyond fabulous trends this festive season. If you like multiple, try practicing before the main event and pick the one you loved the most. These take no extra effort or time but are sure to leave everybody awestruck!

Here are some easy beauty makeup look to try this party seasons follow the link

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