8 Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup.

8 Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup.

We’ve seen a surge in multiple makeup looks flaunted by artists, celebrities and influencers. Everyone’s tried to find a way to ensure they don’t let go of looking fabulous while staying safe at the same time. That being said, there are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to waterproof makeup and as usual, we’re here to help you out!

So, grab your makeup essentials and let’s get onto listing down the products that help you flaunt a waterproof makeup look, which even Kylie Jenner might be envious of.

Always start with a clean base

Be it summer or not, when starting your makeup application, always begin with a clean face. Use your beloved face cleanser and splash some cold water to get rid of all the excess oil and to refresh your skin. This step is non-avoidable btw! Once done, pat your face dry and then apply some hydrating, lightweight moisturizer to prep your skin well.

Opt for a mattifying primer for no shine.

If you plan on heading out and wearing foundation, we suggest using a mattifying primer before application, even if you’re not prone to greasy skin. Applying such a base will combat any shine and create a smooth canvas to help makeup stay on longer. Think of it as the glue that keeps your makeup in place!

Give your concealer a chance.

We know it’s difficult to stay away from the foundation, especially when you’re looking to go full-on glam. But we all know that using a heavy face foundation in a humid climate makes you appear pasty. Hence, a great substitute is a long-lasting, full-coverage concealer that can be applied over areas that need covering up. If you need additional coverage, layer a light tinted moisturizer and setting powder.

If the foundation is bae.

If you still however want to go ahead with foundation, we suggest you opt for a lightweight, waterproof formula that is super long-lasting. There are many sweatproof foundations out there to choose from. But no matter which foundation you see, you must “set” it with a powder to keep it from melting off. Try opting for a mattifying compact that gives you a smooth matte finish that doesn’t look too ‘done whilst also absorbing surface shine and oil.

Say yes to cream blush.

We know that you love em’ powder blushes but sometimes, it’s good to try out new things. Enter – cream blushes that make for the ideal pick especially when you’re looking to glam up during summers. We say this because, unlike powder blushes, a cream blush doesn’t just sit on your skin but settles onto it evenly. Moreover, it won’t melt away, thus saving you from that embarrassing rundown on your face.

However, if you still want to add some edge using a powder blush, then you can do so by dabbing some of it over your existing cream blush, as it will help set it up in place for longer.

Smudge-proof mascara & eyeliner FTW

We don’t know about you, but we never leave the house without some mascara over our eyelashes. And if you too find yourself looking to amp up em’ lashes, trust in a long-lasting smudge-proof mascara. That’s not all, ensure your eyeliner too is long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof, in case you happen to shed a few tears or feel the heat, you surely don’t want black tears running down your cheeks.

Make it last.

Given that you’ve spent so much time and effort in putting together your masterpiece, it would be a crime to have you not set it up. Yes! We’re talking about setting spray. This product has become an essential part of every makeup bag and more so during summers. So, grab a setting mist that offers to seal your makeup in place all day while also boasting of other benefits like sun protection, calms & soothes skin as well as is ultra-lightweight and non-sticky.

Lip It up.

Of course, we won’t forget those lips! Our lips are the most neglected in any summer care routine and they need SPF love and nourishment just like any other body part. So before you carry on wearing your fave lipstick shade, always apply some lip balm to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Post that, you can carry on using your lip primer for long-lasting wear. And since the gloss trend is making a comeback, why not amp up your summer makeup look with glossy lips.

And there you have it – a quick waterproof makeup that’ll help you achieve a stunning look effortlessly while keeping yourself and others safe.

If you’ve seen any waterproof makeup trend you’re loving and trying out, don’t forget to share it with us!

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