8 easy ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

8 easy ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

Looking to make your eyes appear like a dream. Here are few beauty ways that will make your eyes look bigger and bolder!

Eyes are the windows to your soul and it is no secret that our eyes are the first feature people notice. And naturally, bigger eyes and brighter eyes add more to your beauty ways. While we believe every eye shape and size is beautiful, one can always switch up and make your features look a little exaggerated with a few simple makeup hacks

. Adding emphasis to your eyes can change your overall look. But how can you fake Bambi-like eyes? We’ll tell you! If you have naturally sunken eyes or have dullness around your eyes, there are a few beauty ways makeup tricks that can help you achieve illuminated and larger eyes.

 Or if you’ve just always wanted big and expressive eyes, we’re sharing some tips and tricks on how to make your eyes look pretty and big like Jasmine, Ariel, or any other Disney princess just by reaching for your makeup pouch!

The Magic of Tightlining

Tightlining is the one game-changer we all wish we knew sooner. If you don’t know about this, tightlining is applying a dark or black eyeliner on the upper waterline and lash line to cover up the skin under your lashes.

 It helps to blend the skin under your eyelashes with your eyeliner and lashes, making your lashes look fuller and thicker. Therefore, this fashion technique makes your eyes look bigger and more prominent. Some also call this the “invisible eyeliner”

. It’s nearly impossible to spot but adds the right amount of definition to your eyes. If you’ve got down-turned eyes, this is a hack you have to try as it also gives the eyes a lift. It instantly opens up your eyes, making you look more awake.

Simply run your favorite black kajal or gel eyeliner on your top waterline. If you’re a beginner, gently tug on your eyelid to expose the skin under your lashes for application. Please do not try this with liquid eyeliner or black eyeshadow. 

Nude Eyeliner for the Win - Brighten your Waterline

Contrary to tightening, the bottom waterline needs a light shade of eyeliner. Using dark eyeliners on your bottom waterline can drag your eyes down and make you look tired. Since the waterline is much more visible at the bottom, applying a nude or white eyeliner adds to the white of your eyes and gives off the illusion of bigger eyes.

 Grab your favorite nude/white kajal or gel eyeliner and apply it on your waterline. It can be matte or shimmery, as per your preference. Try a shimmery eye pencil or eyeshadow pencil to add that extra glimmer to your look. If you get any on your lashes, make sure to clean it or cover it up with mascara.

If you’re going for the big, beautiful almond-shaped eye look, softly blend a darker brown on the outer corners of your eyes. To make this last all day, run a cotton swab on your waterline before applying eyeliner to get rid of any excess oils that could break down the product.

Highlight the Inner Corners

Highlighting the inner corners is every makeup artist’s and beauty ways influencer’s favorite part of eye makeup. This time cosmetics trick makes your eyes POP! It takes away any traces of sleepless nights and makes you look wide awake! Just a little bit of shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners will make your eyes look wider and bigger. 

Once you’re done with your eye makeup, don’t forget to dab some highlighting shade in your inner corners to complement your eye look and open up your eyes. If you want to go big, metallic and foiled eyeshadow can amp up your makeup while serving the purpose. And if you want to have fun with your look, try adding rhinestones around your eyes to make them prominent.

Lift your Lashes by Curling Them

Often, our eyes look tired and small because of the shadow that our drooping lashes cast. This step is incredibly underrated and even scary to many people, but curling your lashes can do wonders!

 Curl your lashes up and give your eyes that wide-open look. After curling your lashes, make sure you apply mascara right away to lock the curl in place. If you’re someone who finds eyelash curlers scary(and why wouldn’t anyone?), you can always go for a curling mascara that will do the job for you.

Brush the Brows Up and Out

Droopy brows and lashes make the eyes look small and dragged down. Your eyebrows play a major role in your makeup. Not only do they frame your face, but they also shape your eyes.

 Using a heavy-duty brow gel, push each brow hair up and out to reveal some more lid space and bigger-looking eyes. If you have dark eyebrow hair, you can get away with using black mascara as well. What’s more? This technique will also give you that supermodel, Bella Hadid snatched look!

Cheat the Crease

Following the previous step, recreate your crease. Instead of adding your usual crease shade right in your crease and blending it out, apply it slightly higher. Keep it high enough to make a difference in your eye shape but do not go too far as it can easily look unnatural.

 Once that’s done, add a light or shimmery shade all over the eyelids. Similar to the inner corner highlight, adding a highlight shade on the center of the lids makes the eyes look bigger.

Use a Brown or Coloured Eyeliner

Ditch your regular black eyeliner and go for something lighter. Brown or colored eyeliners can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. 

Pick a color that mimics the color of your pupils. If you have brown eyes, brown eyeliner is the wayfavoriteolored eyeliner is also a great pick as it ensures your eyes stand out. Go for your favorite beauty ways blue, green or metallic eyeliner and make it fun!

Make Concealer Your New BFF

Darkness under the eyes can make your eyes look sunken and small. But worry not. Here’s concealer to your rescue! If you have dark circles, make sure you conceal them under your eyes.

 For severe darkness, try a color corrector and then layer your favorite concealer on top. Blend it out and once you’re happy with the result, set it all in place with a translucent powder. For that extra brightening effect, try a banana powder. It doubles as a thin layer of the color corrector with yellow in it and adds light to your under eyes for a beauty ways!


Try these simple hacks and don’t forget to add a fierce wing at the end of your look!

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