5 makeup hacks that you must try

5 makeup hacks that you must try

You may be an expert, but these tips and tricks will elevate your makeup game to a whole new level!

Who doesn’t love to do makeup? We all have our favourite makeup hacks for rituals fashion and tricks we swear by, and rightly so. After all, you’ve cultivated this ritual over time with trial and error and you love the outcome, every single time! But what if we told you there’s a way to up your makeup credentials and get more out of your tried and tested look?

Well, we have some tips and tricks for you! You don’t need to go out of your way or change a lot of your makeup routine to incorporate these 5makeup tricks, but trust us, you’ll swear by these diy makeup hacks for you to tootry them out. Have a look!

Apply bronzer in a triangle

By now you know how important it is to use a Hollywood v style to apply concealer under your eyes, but did you know you can use a similar trick with your bronzer? When you’re working your bronzer on your cheeks, draw an inverted triangle under your eyes and the hollow of your cheekbones.

 This will not only get to all the areas that need bronzera but will also make it simple and effective to blend the product in with. Don’t forget to apply some on the side of your cheeks – with or without the triangles – and blend that in well too!

Use tissue and translucent powder with lipsticks

While we know you love your long-lasting lipsticks, you can increase bronzer the life of the swipe on your lips without a second coat. Say you have a long day outdoors coming up, and want your lipstick to last all day, take 5 minutes out to try this trick. 

After you’ve applied your lipstick, take a thin tissue paper and lay it on your lips; don’t press to hard! Next, dust some translucent powder on top to set it. Voila! No bleeding and a long-lasting swipe of lipstick, all yours!

Spray some setting mist or setting spray on the tip of your brush for a more intense looking finish

Use setting mist on your brushes

We love this trick especially when we’re trying to get the best out of our eyeshadows. Before you apply your eyeshadow – or even your bronzer – spray some setting mist or setting spray on the tip of your brush for a more intense-looking finish.

 You can choose a dewy setting mist, a highlighting one, or even one for a more matte finish. You’ll never have had such an intense finish before this. Thank us later!

The closest substitute to natural light for makeup is a daylight bulb. Set up a corner in your room for this, and make sure the light hits your face from the front.

Smokey eye with one simple trick

This popular trick is great for not just makeup newbies but also makeup pros. If you’re new to the world of makeup or just wish to run out the door quickly, this smokey eye trick will have you sorted. Draw a hashtag (#) on the outer side of your eyelid with an eye pencil.

 Now blend well and reapply the hashtag (or add a shimmery hashtag if that’s the look you’re going for) and blend again! The result? Perfect smokey eyes! The trick works well since it properly covers every area of the outside of your eyelid that needs to be coated in product for the perfect smokey eye look!


Ta-da! Follow these very simple hacks and tricks to make sure your makeup is taken a notch higher, leaving dropped jaws and wide eyes in your wake. Be you, beautiful!

Stay safe, stay fabulous!


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