28 Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

28 Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

In this post, I am sharing some handy and easy beauty tips and tricks I came across. Do read on for details on same.
Here are 28 Beauty Tips and Tricks every woman needs to know to look well groomed and to save time as well.

1. Lip Balm To Tame Eyebrows:

You can use a wax based balm to shape and tame your eyebrows. It will keep them in shape and in place all day long.

2. Eyeliner To Fill In A Bold Brow:

You can use eyeliner pencil to fill in your brows with mild strokes. But make sure to use a lighter hand than what you do with a regular eyebrow pencil.

3. Eyeshadow Stick As Liner:

Eyeshadow stick can be used as eyeshadow as well as eyeliner. Use eye shadow stick to give a classic smoky effect to your eyes.

4. Give A Fresh And Awake Look To Your Eyes:

You can instantly brighten your eyes, make them look wider and more awake. Apply a nude eyeliner pencil to your lower waterline. The muted neutral shade is less harsh than the usual white eyeliner. You can also dab a shimmery neutral shadow or highlighter shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. This will not only make you eyes sparkle but also give that wide awake look to your eyes.

5. Make Your Lashes Look Fuller And Darker:

A quick way to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliner is mascara stamping. Gently press your mascara against the underside of your lashes to give them a fuller and darker look.

6. Enhance Your Eye Lashes:

You can use loose translucent powder to enhance your lashes. Try fluffing on a little translucent loose powder between layers of mascara, to add thickness and length.

7. Remove Mascara Smudge With A Makeup Brush:

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a mascara smudge on your eyes just after finishing your eye makeup. Don’t try to wipe it with your finger or remove the whole eye makeup and start all over again. Instead, you can take a small concealer brush and dip it in a soft micellar water to remove the smudge without ruining your eyeshadow or liner.

8. Substitute Brown Eyeshadow As Bronzer And Vice Versa:

You can substitute brown eyeshadows for bronzers and vice versa, if you happen to run out of either.

9. Powder Blushes To Cream Blushes:

You can add aquaphor to powder blushes to convert them into cream blushes.

10. Apply Blush According To Your Face Shape:

When applying blush, use your cheek bone structure as your guide, it will give you the most flattering look.

11. Dewy Glow On Cheeks:

Vaseline tip from Rati Mam, on IMBB has become so famous. How can I miss it! Apply vaseline to createa dewy glow on your cheeks. Dabit on cheekbones, for anatural dewy glow.

12. Create A Dewy Glow On Your Face:

You can create a dewy glow by mixing your moisturiser with your foundation. This will give a dewy glow to your facial skin.

13. Use Highlighter To Get Dewy Glow:

You can get a dewy glow by using a highlighter or illuminator above your cheekbones and on the brow bone, just underneath your eyebrows.

14. Contour Cheeks With Matte Powder:

To contour cheeks, use a matte powder, a few shades darker than your skin tone with an angled brush. Blend on temples and under cheek bone.

15. Translucent Loose Powder To Fix Cream Blush / Eyeshadow:

You can apply loose translucent loose powder over your cream blush and eyeshadow to fix or lock it. Thus making it last longer.

16. Use Face Gloss For A Natural Looking Highlight:

Tired of your typical highlighter? Try face gloss! Rather than contouring your face, all you need to do is dab a little light reflecting face gloss along the tops of your cheekbones, on your brow bones and in the center of your lips.

17. Make Your Own Lip Tint:

You can mix eyeshadow or blush with vaseline or clear lip gloss to make your own lip tint at home.

18. To Make Lipstick Matte:

You can make any lipstick matte with translucent loose powder and / or a tissue. After applying your lipstick, mildly press the tissue in between your lips, this will take away the excess oil and shine making your lipstick matte. Another option is to mildly pat translucent loose powder directly on your lips, this loose powder will soak the oil and shine, making your beauty tips lipstick matte. You can use both together to make your lipstick matte, apply some translucent loose powder on a tissue, shake off the excess and then mildly pat it all over your lips.

19. Lip liner To Make Lipstick Last Longer:

You can make your lipstick last longer by filling in your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. Use a shade lighter or closer to your lipstick shade.

20. Prevent Lipstick From Feathering Or Bleeding:

You can apply highlighter or concealer around your lips. This will prevent lipstick from bleeding or feathering. You can also use a colour less lip liner to prevent your lipstick from smearing or spreading. Another option is to set it with translucent powder. No need to put translucent powder directly on your lips. Instead use a tissue as a blotter, so the right amount of powder accesses your pout.After applying lipstick, mildly put the tissue on your lips and then using a brush tap the translucent powder all over the tissue on your lips. The tissue allows only the right amount of powder required to fix beauty tips your lipstick, this will not only make your lip colour matte but prevent from spreading.

21. Highlighter To Create A Big Pout:

Applying highlighter above the cupid’s bow, gives an illusion of fuller and poutier lips.

22. Make Your Own Nail Polish:

You can combine clear nail polish with old or broken eyeshadow or blush to make your own custom nail colour.

23. Dip Nails In A Bowl Of Ice:

If you want your nail polish to dry quickly, you can dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice cold water to dry faster.

24. Hide Polish Chips With Textured Polish:

When a nail paint chips, instead of removing the polish and reapplying, you can apply a coat of sparkle / shimmer nail polish over your current color. This will not only cover up the chipped polish, but also give a sparkle shine to your nails.

25. Steam Nails For A Matte Look:

Try this if you haven’t. Apply two coats of glossy nail polish. While they’re still wet, hold your nails about five inches above steam coming from boiling water. Watch the magic happen; glossy painted nails will turn matte.

26. Manicure or Pedicure Mess Free:

You can keep your manicure or pedicure mess free by applying vaseline or aquaphor on the skin around your nails.

27. Conditioner To Shave Legs:

You can use conditioner instead of shaving cream. This will keep your legs smooth and hydrated.

28. Whiten Yellow Teeth with Turmeric:

Take a bit of turmeric powder and add in a little coconut oil to make a paste. Pick an old toothbrush and brush your teeth with this paste. Let this pack stay on the teeth for 5 to 7 minutes and rinse off with normal water and brush your teeth again with normal toothpaste. This is the most effective treatment to fight germs and to remove yellowness from teeth as well.

Teeth whitening

Hope the above beauty tips and tricks are of some use to you All. Thanks for reading!

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